Nikkitas – (Ancient Greek Νικήτας)

the wild land that one cannot conquer.

Nature is our guideline. This perspective defines our vision.

Throughout the seasons, Nature fine tunes our produce and we humbly embrace its design. We walk its path in a quest of authenticity.

Our Homeland, Sparta – Enigmatic and fertile.

Set in a landscape of archaeological wealth and historical heritage, our family groves sit among the ruins of Ancient Sparta, at the foot of Mount Taygetos, flanked by the Eurotas river, a stone away from heroic warrior King Leonidas’ tomb, and close to Unesco World Heritage fortified town Mystras.

Steeped in mystic and legend, our undulating olive groves are blessed with the perfect climatic and geographical territorial conditions (Mediterranean climate of long warm summers, moderate winds, temperate winters).



Ancient Sparta – a dual Kingship

In Ancient Sparta, the state was ruled by two hereditary Kings, equal in authority and working in compromise for the common good of their community. They provided stability, order, and uplifted the society’s ideals of collective hard work, loyalty and discipline.

The Spartan Shield

The Spartans painted their shields with a red L for Lambda, to identify their Laconian origins. These shields were passed on to each generation.

Our shield – the ꓘK

Nikkitas personifies this dual Kingship by keeping an equal influence and balance between the ancient, artisanal and traditional cultivation methods, and technologically advanced factory and mills, where onsite and complete quality controls are implemented at every step of our various processes.

Our logo shields the promise of keeping an eye on the past and an eye on the future, through the generations.



Our bottle – a symbolic totem

Our bottle is a symbolic representation of the Nikkitas vision.

It is the Spartan embodiment of exceptional products born and raised in the sacred lands of our ancestors, in total respect of their artisanal harvesting ways.

With Nature as our guideline, we aim to protect authenticity through dedication and craftsmanship.

Our bottle stands tall and proud, honouring generations of family artisans and their skills. It is an emblem of the hands that craft, with purpose, the produce given by our soil.

The lettering we used is made from the evolution of the Ancient Greek alphabet through the aeons..



We are passionate craftsmen

We dedicate our skills to working our lands by hand: many of our olive groves are in small, inaccessible orchards, so the olives are hand-picked, pressed and bottled onsite in less than 24 hours, ensuring we keep the whole fruit’s nutrients.

A kindred community

We are now also supporting our local community of small kindred neighbouring producers, by gathering their fruits grown with the same respectful care.

Clear provenance and transparency

Nikkitas adheres to the highest Certification standards of safety and quality.

Our mill and factory are equipped with in-house chemical laboratories performing regular quality control analysis.

Our cultivation, harvest, pressing, bottling, packaging and quality controls all take place onsite.