Our bees are pollinators who play a major role in achieving sustainable development goals
by maintaining biodiversity, protecting an active and productive ecosystem, and feeding a
growing world population by pollinating the plants that produce 90% of the world’s food.

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Our olive by-product (pomace, consisting of olive pulp, skin, stone and water)
is either used to feed goats, sheep and cows, or for energy generation and
fertilization (with 80% used for composting and 20% in direct field application).

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We are proud to use 100% recyclable packaging :

  • Our mailers are created by using a combination of past consumer and past industrial recycled LDPE, 100% fully recyclable through your local recycling programs
  • Our branded boxes come from sustainable sources and are vetted for quality and environment impact (using non-toxic inks derived from vegetable and natural resources, with a printing method using 30% less ink than alternative methods)
  • Our innovative wrapping paper cushioning method is consciously designed to replace plastic, and is 100% fully recyclable


NIKKITAS partners with DESMOS to support Schools in Sparta – Greece

Nikkitas is happy to announce its initiative to support public schools in Sparta by providing educational equipment & supplies.
We are collaborating with Desmos Non-profit Foundation and its program “Desmos for Schools”.
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Our mission is to address both long-term and emergency needs and to improve the overall quality of the educational process and learning conditions in Sparta. A percentage of sales of Nikkitas products will be donated towards this project and donations will be distributed where they are mostly needed.
Following our fundraising efforts, we will identify specific needs which can vary from: Technological equipment, Laboratory kits, Arts & Crafts materials, Sports equipment, Musical instruments, Books, Furniture; Small scale interior renovations, Improvement of exterior facilities, Lighting.

This program will kick start the beginning of Nikkitas’ philanthropic involvements, embodying a lasting commitment to its direct and local community.

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