The essence of Sparta in every drop

During the sacred rhythm of the olive harvest, the same handwoven bags and baskets from another era are filled with olives. Our grandparents used no nets, they picked the olives right off the ground, wounding their hands on stones. Our family still collects the olives by hand, we tend to the trees individually, and this has a positive bearing on the olive oil. Old rhythms perdure…

The olives are harvested throughout the winter, when the trees are shrouded in mist. Later, the trees will be pruned so the sun can reach the olives. In the spring the trees flower. All summer long the olives grow. Then, the harvest will begin again. The trees bear…

Our nutrient-rich harvest

We harvest and blend 3 exceptional varieties of polyphenol-rich olives in equal proportion: Koroneiki, Athinolia and Koutsourolia. This balance is unique to our lands and results in highly antioxidant olives charged in polyphenols and healthy golden green first cold pressed extra virgin olive oil, with a mildly piquant taste, full of texture and long lasting aftertaste – perfect for all ages and all meals.

KORONEIKI – fine texture, fresh cut grass, piquant, lasting after taste, intense green colour, up to 400mg/kg of polyphenols nutrients, antioxidant

ATHINOLIA – full body texture, intricate fruity fragrances, very piquant, long lasting after taste, golden green colour, over 700mg/kg of polyphenols nutrients, antioxidant

KOUTSOUROLIA – full body texture, fine and fruity, mildly piquant, long lasting after taste, golden green colour, up to 400mg/kg of polyphenols nutrients, antioxidant


A unique creation

Each of our honey is a unique story, an ever-changing desire of the bees. It is imagined, tailored and assembled by Nature itself and marks seasonal transformation. Awakening our senses with mesmerising colours and intricate textures, it is the purest signature of Nature. Each bee is an artisan, infusing scents, amplifying floral harmonies. 

Wild ecosystems

Every harvest depends on the quality of the ecosystem that surrounds it – wild forests and ecosystems are our home. We are nomad beekeepers looking for ideal conditions for our bees, and how far they travel to their food source. Our honeys are cultivated using traditional methods, artisanal love and care on carefully chosen fields and the result is a variety of pine, thyme, flowers & conifers honey flying around the flavour wheel in complex wonderful tastes: nutty, fruity, fresh – perfect from breakfast time to after dinner tea.

Natural antioxidant and booster

The natural properties of our real honey are impressive: antibacterial, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and immune-booster.

PINE HONEY – honeydew honey; dark pearl amber; wonderfully pleasant, not very sweet, aromatic fragrance; very thick consistency and slow crystallisation; high mineral content, nutritional and therapeutic benefits, very strong antioxidant

THYME HONEY – rare; blossom/nectar honey; dark amber; unique taste, splendid fragrance, aromatic and complex intense aroma of herbs; very thick consistency, 6-12 months crystallisation; highly antioxidant, antimicrobial with excellent antiseptic properties and highly nutritional, increases energy levels

FLOWERS & CONIFERS HONEY – rare honey from very high altitudes; honeydew and blossom honey; dark red; wonderful aroma, mild taste, unique scents and aromas of the forest; thick consistency, slow crystallisation; rich in minerals, B complex vitamins and amino acids